As Fresh As It Gets: Everyday Recipes From Tomato Fresh Food Cafe

As Fresh As It Gets: Everyday Recipes From Tomato Fresh Food Cafe presents dishes from the popular Vancouver restaurant. The recipes are simple, but loaded with freshness and flavor. 


Format: Softcover, 184 pages. 

Copyright: 2006 

Publisher: Arsenal Pulp Press 

Author: Christian Gaudreault and Star Spilos 

ISBN: 9781551521992

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Description: Today, increasing emphasis is placed on the integrity of the food we eat. We all dream about produce picked on a summer morning, making its way to our plates by dinnertime. Christian Gaudreault and Star Spilos, owners of Vancouver's beloved and award-winning Tomato Fresh Food Cafe restaurant, have spent many years preparing and serving farm-fresh food with delicious results.

At the heart of the As Fresh As It Gets cookbook is the simple philosophy that if you learn how to let farmers' fields and local markets determine your menus, cooking at home can be as much fun and fast as it is healthy. 

The beautiful yet deceptively simple recipes feature ingredients that are widely available no matter where you live. For Christian and Star, part of the meal-making experience is about acknowledging and knowing where your food comes from; it's also about the communal experience of eating, particularly at the Tomato Fresh Food Cafe restaurant, a casual, soul-enriching place where people from all walks of life sit down together and share the common bond of food. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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