The Romanian Cookbook - Vintage

The Romanian Cook Book cookbook presents the cuisine of Romania. With 450 recipes in all, you'll enjoy dishes like Chicken Stew with Cream, Mamaliga or maize bread recipes, Strudel Square of Cheese and more treasured Romanian recipes. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 229 pages. 

Copyright: 1983 

Publisher: Castle 

Author: Anisoara Stan 

ISBN: 9780890096048

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Description: Here is the first book published in English which tells how to make the dishes for which the Romanians are so famous. Here are 450 intriguing, unusual and flavorful recipes which enable one to duplicate the dishes which have become famous around the world among gourmets, chefs and every lover of the exquisite in food. 

It is because Romanians love food so much that they have become masters in its preparation, and have made their national cookery a real art Every dish is fit for a gourmet but the surprising fact is that these dishes can be prepared from everyday materials available to everyone. One can get from the least expensive cuts of meat the same excellent results as with higher priced cuts. The secret lies in the artful use of herbs and flavorings, in unusual combinations, the addition of various ingredients at different times to create perfect blending, and, last but not least the delectable Romanian sauces. 

What is more, these dishes may be prepared in the pressure cooker with the same flavorsome results. Special sections are devoted to eggplants, mamaliga, the staple national food of the Romanian people, and ghivetch which Madam Stan tells us "is made out of all the vegetables you can put your hands on," and the famous Romanian ciorbas, or sour soups. Many of the recipes are one-meal dishes in themselves, a fact which makes this book indispensable to the busy housewife who wants also to prepare cookery at its best for her family and guests. 

Romanian cooking has a character all its own. It is savory, light, nourishing and exotic. Many Americans learned to love this cooking at the New York World's Fair, and others who have traveled in Romania have come back devotees of its great cooking art. But these have been limited in number. It is the purpose of this book to make Romanian cooking available to all who love good food, exquisitely prepared. As Madam Stan writes in her introduction: "Cooking is primarily an art You must sing at it, love it, hope it will turn out to be a masterpiece and that your loved ones will love it too. It is an art when one can combine the good things of the earth to bring out the ultimate in flavor. The truly good cook uses her material like the composer combines notes to form a symphony."  


Condition: Good condition with a few faded spots. 

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