Swiss Confectionery by Richemont Craft School

Swiss Confectionery is a scarce and desirable collectible cookbook from the Richemont Craft School in Switzerland and features over 270 pages and recipes for Swiss pastries and sweets of all kinds. 


Format: Hardcover, 271 pages. 

Copyright: 1991 Desserts Cookbooks 

Publisher: Richemont Craft School 

Author: Bakers and Confectioners of Richemont Craft School, Lucerne 

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Additional Details

Description: In the Spring of 1983 the Richemont Craft School issued the newly created craft book Swiss Bakery. It was the first volume of a series of three. This new craft book, Swiss Confectionery, concerns itself with the schematic of building of recipes and then the basic recipes. In this way every reader is given the capability of proving each recipe or to create recipes for himself/herself. The theoretic section is then rounded off with craft teaching and knowledge of the products. The second part is entirely composed of recipes. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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