Feast of Scotland Cookbook

The Feast of Scotland cookbook offers you 160 recipes for all types of Scottish dishes. Feather Fowlie, Sunday Lamb, Smoked Salmon Pate, Scottish Royal Pancakes and Shortbread are all some of the specialties inside this exciting cookbook. 


Format: Softcover, 176 pages. 

Copyright: 1986 

Publisher: Little, Brown & Company 

Author: Janet Warren 

ISBN: 9780316923484

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Description: Scottish cookery is truly a feast. Founded on a native abundance of fish and fowl and enriched by foreign influences over the centuries, with names as delightful as the dishes are delectable (breakfast's baps and bannocks, Forth Lobster Lady Tweedsmuir or Howtowdie with Drappit Eggs), Scotland's distinctive, regionally diverse gastronomy reflects its rich culinary heritage - a savory legacy you can now recreate in your own kitchen with the help of Janet Warren's enchanting cookbook. 

A Feast of Scotland is a superb guide to authentic Scottish cooking that adapts traditional preparations for American cooks and kitchens and suggests complementary dishes to help you plan your own Scottish feast. A Feast of Scotland is also a charming exploration of the colorful legends, folklore, and revered traditions surrounding Scottish food and drink: telling of the oatmeal porridge 16th century shepherds slung on their backs to ferment as they herded their flocks; the Selkirk Bannock (a simple round bread) Queen Victoria preferred to more sumptuous fare; a recipe for left-over roast beef that The Cook and Housewife's Manual of 1826 delightfully named Inky Pinky; whole whiting fish traditionally fried clasping their tails in their mouths; a Hallowe'en cake full of fortune-telling charms; and the clear, sparkling Het Pint, customarily served on New Years' morning and also on the night before a wedding or birth. 

Here are 160 recipes ranging from the hearty to the sublime, organized around five types of meals: 

  • the breakfast foods upon which Scotland founded her culinary reputation: from kippers to porridge to smoked meats, girdle scones, oatcakes, and thick cut marmalade;
  • the whole sumptuous range of family fare: nourishing soups like Cock-a-Leekie and Feather Fowlie, time-honored fish, meat and vegetable dishes (potted hough and stovies, giblet pie and skirlie), wondrous desserts such as Floating Islands and Queen of Puddings;
  • the ceremonial tea hour: traditional tasty cakes, breads and biscuits common to castle and crofter's cottage - oatmeal scones, Dundee cake, sticky gingerbread, raspberry jam, Melting Moments and Petticoat Tails; food kings prepared with Scotland's finest bounty: grouse, partridge and a wealth of other game; the sea's rich legacy of salmon, crab, and lobster; a cornucopia of fruit; luscious puddings, Drambuie, and tangy cheeses;
  • the special holiday feasts whose culinary customs are still observed: authentic menus for Burns Night, Hallowe'en, St Andrew's Day, Christmas and Hogmanay (New Year's Eve) that include the Burns Night Haggis with Tatties-an'-Neeps and the international Christmas favorite, Roastit Bubblyjock wi' Cheston Crappin.


Condition: Good condition. 

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