Recipes of All Nations Cookbook 1935

Recipes of All Nations Cookbook is a 1945 printing of the 1935 original edition. This vintage cookbook contains recipes compiled for the modern housewife of the time and contains a variety of international recipes from across Europe, the U.S., and other regions. 


Format: Hardcover with finger tabbed pages, 821 pages. 

Copyright: 1945 

Publisher: WM. H Wise & Co. 

Author: Countess Morphy (editor) 

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Description: Recipes of All Nations is a 1945 vintage cookbook absolutely packed with international dishes of all kinds. Italy, France, Spain, New Orleans, India, and other regions are all found inside this wonderful vintage cookbook. 


Condition: Cover has shelf wear with torn frayed cloth down the spine area and some of the corners. Interior of cover has book label with name on it. Further good condition. 

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