Taste of Portugal

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Format: Hardcover, 192 pages. 

Copyright: 1967 

Publisher: Charles Scribner's and Sons 

Author: Shirley Sarvis 

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Description: The Portuguese cuisine is a disarming cuisine. It has verve; it is vibrant. Most of it is not complex, but it is of such stunning combinations of ingredients, it is almost exotic. 

It springs from a people with a love for good food and a heritage of hospitality; from a land and sea abundant with fresh vegetables, near-tropical fruits, fresh fish and shellfish, compelling cheeses, fine-quality pork and game, poultry, eggs, nuts, grains, . . .; from memorable and marvelous wines -- the less touted but well groomed table wines and sparkling wines (and those simply pleasing), and the justly renowned Ports and Madeiras; from cooks so imaginative they've created sumptuous and intriguing dishes such as garlic-roasted pork with clams, partridge with walnut sauce, and myriads of sugar-egg-yolk-almond sweets; and from cooks so endowed with good taste and culinary wizardry that they produce succulently roasted poultry and meats, dramatic stews, broad and tasty soups, delicate and arresting fish dishes,... 

This dash and drama of food and wine could only be a part of this winsome little country also distinguished by brilliant and beautiful azulejos (tiles); the poignant fado and merry and energetic folk songs and dances; a proliferation of flowers and green trees; glistening river and sea waters; a landscape merging rugged mountains, fairy-tale lump hills, plains, near-desert, sandy beaches; a history of sea daring and discovery; the florid and exuberant Manueline architecture; -- and a people with a personality strangely somber on the surface, and glowing with a rare genuineness and brightness beneath. 

This book is a testimony to the glory of the Portuguese cuisine. Its purpose is to share and expose the unsung, unique, and exciting foods of Portugal. 


Condition: Good condition. Some sticker residu on interior of front cover. 

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