Pinch of Salt Lake Cookbook: Junior League Salt Lake City Utah

The Junior League Salt Lake City Utah compiled over 400 favorite recipes in Pinch of Salt Lake cookbook. There are also recipes designated as Quick and Easy (taking less than an hour) and food suggestions for activities enjoyed by Salt Lake residents.


Format: Hardcover, 272 pages 

Copyright: 1986, Fourth Printing 

Publisher: The Junior League of Salt Lake City, Inc. 

Author: Members of The Junior League of Salt Lake City 

ISBN: 9780961697204

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Description: Salt Lakers are people who relish their diverse surroundings, bask in the four distinct seasons and cook to accommodate their active living. Their cooking is a smorgasbord of styles, complexities and resources dictated primarily by available time, desire and, occasionally, destination. 

Each chapter in A Pinch of Salt Lake begins by celebrating an activity enjoyed by Salt Lakers and those who visit our attractions, and offers suggestions for foods to complete the occasion. 

This collection of recipes is presented by the members of the Junior League of Salt Lake City, Inc., their families, friends and members of the community et al. More than 2,000 recipes were submitted and tested by enthusiastic cooks who scrutinized and selected over 400 prize recipes highlighting foods for contemporary lifestyles. 

Quick and Easy recipes, those taking an hour or less from start to finish, are identified by a chapter symbol (as on opposite page). This method of recipe description makes the book comfortable and simple to use for cooks new to the kitchen, those who prepare moveable feasts for outdoor entertaining, gourmet chefs and people with pinched time to prepare meals. 

It is our sincere hope that A Pinch of Salt Lake will bring you a glimpse of our colorful Salt Lake lifestyle, success in cooking and entertaining and a knowledge of your contribution to our community by purchasing this book. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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