Mrs. Wilkes' Boarding House Cookbook Signed

Famous Recipes From Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House cookbook is a top restaurant cookbook that includes recipes from one of the country's favorite eateries located in Historic Savannah, GA. You'll enjoy the flavors of the South through the recipes of Mrs. Wilkes. This is a signed edition.


Format: Hardcover spiral bound, 122 pages 

Copyright: 2007

Publisher: Wilkes Boarding House 

Author: L. H. Wilkes 

ISBN: 9780939114726

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Description: Since the forties I have been owner and operator of Wilkes Dining Room and Boarding House. People ask me, "How did you get into this business?" Actually, I had never thought of getting into the food serving business until an elderly friend became ill and persuaded me to help and finally take over her small business.  

Although I had always enjoyed pleasing my family with tasty, well balanced meals, I think it is the satisfaction of seeing people from every walk of life sit down and enjoy my "Family Style" meals that has kept me going through the years.  

People from out of town come into my dining room and wonder why I do not display a sign. I reply, "It would look so commercial, not at all like home." It has always been a "family affair" and I believe that many of the good restaurants are operated by families. I am asked or written every day for recipes or a cookbook. So, that is why I decided to try and present my ideas of how to prepare food with the taste and nutrition that you will enjoy.  

Some of the recipes in this book are original. Others are tested and tried by me. Some are very old recipes while still others are new and simple but quick and tasty. 

Do not make the mistake of cooking meat or vegetables on high heat. This takes away the flavor and food value. 

When roasting in the oven, always cover meats with heavy duty foil. For browning meats the foil can be removed the last 15 minutes of cooking. During this time, baste the meat with drippings so it will not be dry. 

Seasoning is most important to vegetables. Keep bacon drippings, ham, ham hock, or white side meat on hand. Save stock from boiled or baked meats to be used as seasoning or in soups. Always drain off excess grease or fat in any foods. 

Remember, a secret to good cooking is, never serve food that has not been sampled before leaving the kitchen


Condition: Good condition. 

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