Maverick Sea Fare: A Caribbean Cook Book Signed Edition

Maverick Sea Fare: A Caribbean Cook Book is a inscribed signed edition by author Dee Carstarphen. Maverick is a windjammer that sails in the Caribbean. 


Format: Hardcover, 53 pages - Author inscribed and signed 

Copyright: 1977, First Edition 

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Description: In the olden days, visitors sampling food in the Caribbean found it generally uninteresting. In spite of the abundance of fresh fruits and roots, fish and vegetables, food from the days of slavery was generally dull. The 70s saw major change in the cooking over the whole Caribbean area. 

Each section developed its own dishes with something of interest for everyone -- Dutch, French, and Indian influences mingle and blend. The advent of tourism and the extra money it brings -- the shrinking of the world due to faster transportation -- whatever the reason, there are now lots of good things to cook and eat in the Caribbean. 

This cookbook shares some of the ideas and information discovered during years of sailing through the islands and hopes to give a small taste and feeling of the real way to experience this special part of the world -- from the deck of a sailing vessel ... the Maverick windjammer. 


Condition: Good condition. First page has a small tear. 

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