Justin Wilson Cookbook of Cajun Recipes - Signed

This is an autographed Justin Wilson Cookbook of Cajun Recipes signed by Wilson, a legend of Louisiana Cajun cooking. Here's a chance to get one of his cookbooks with a genuine signature. Don't miss this chance at getting a truly collectible cookbook ... and some wonderful Southern recipes along with it. Chicken Jambalaya, Poulet Au Gratin a la Castille, Chicken Andouille Gumbo a la Rosina and no desserts. That's right, Wilson didn't like desserts and felt there wouldn't be room for any sweets after a real Cajun meal


Format: Paperback spiral bound, 90 pages - Signed by Justin Wilson

Copyright: 1983. Fourth printing 

Publisher: Pelican Publishing Company, Inc. 

Author: Justin Wilson 

ISBN: 9780882890197

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Description: Who is Justin Wilson? That's a pretty silly question for anyone in-Louisiana and/or Texas to ask. Perhaps no public figure in recent times is better known or better loved in those two big, wonderful states than Justin Wilson, c/o Pete's Highway, Denham Springs, Louisiana. 

Justin, sometimes wayward scion of a prominent Louisiana family, first of all is a highly qualified and very busy safety engineer. He probably has taught safety to more refinery workers, roughnecks and law enforcement officers than any one man in the South. It was his safety work that got him started on the road to becoming the world's greatest Cajun story teller. Since then, he has made four more albums, all very successful, appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show, MC'd countless conventions, parties, political rallies, christenings, and you name it. And now, Justin has written a cook book. It isn't the usual sort of cook book, to be sure. It's a Cajun cook book, which sets it apart from all others, anywhere! 

Justin has been working on this cook book for years. He also has been working on his cooking for years. And he certainly has been working on his waistline, which we won't go into here. 

Suffice to say, Justin's cook book reflects his personality. It's entertaining and at the same time completely authentic. And the meals you cook from this book will go down in your gustatorial memory as the most exciting and interesting you've ever cooked. 


Condition: Cover and interior pages are in good condition with some minor shelf wear. The last ring on the plastic comb binding is damaged. 

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