The Gayelord Hauser Cook Book 1946

The Gayelord Hauser Cook Book from 1946 was published by this diet and health expert of the time, Dr. Hauser. Here are menus and recipes for healthy eating including salads, vegetables, meat dishes and more from the 1940s. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 312 pages. 

Copyright: 1946, Second Printing 

Publisher: Coward-McCann, Inc. 

Author: Gayelord Hauser 

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Description: Tender young meats deliriously broiled, bright-colored fresh vegetables, plump and succulent with their own juices, salads crisp yet suave, aromatic with herbs, nutlike breads made from freshly ground whole flours -- what cook does not aspire to serve such meals? The Gayelord Hauser Cook Book, fruit of research and experience by the author of Diet Does It, is a gourmet's guide to good eating. He has both the American delight in good sound food and the European deftness with herbs and seasonings. 

And more than that -- with these tempting recipes goes the assurance that while you eat for pleasure you are also eating for health. "Heaven sends us good food," Dr. Hauser says; "but the devil sends us bad cooks." Now, with modern methods of cookery, all clearly explained in this book, no woman need feed her garbage can and kitchen sink better than her family. For now fresh, living, natural foods are prepared to preserve all their good food elements. Vitamins and minerals now come to the table instead of draining down the sink, with Dr. Hauser's celebrated Short-Cooking method for vegetables, his fascinating new treatment of salads. 

Besides a large collection of recipes, this book contains special features for which Dr. Hauser has long been famous. The Hauser Broth which has literally dissolved mountains of fat from the overweight is here with new delights of flavor. The fletcherized drinks which have built up hundreds of pounds for the underweight are here in new and more tempting combinations. Such special-purpose modern foods as brewers' yeast, yogurt, and the soybean have whole sections devoted to their uses. And there are menus for the lucky normal-weights, menus to take off weight and menus to put on weight. There is even a chapter on how to enrich your favorite dishes; and just in case you have a dog there are recipes and menus for Rover. 


Condition: Jacket has small tears and clipped jacket flap corners. Further good condition. 

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