Four Seasons Cookbook - New York Restaurant

Four Seasons Cookbook shares recipes from the famed New York Restaurant. Recipes reflect the seasons and the most popular dishes from the restaurant's selections. If you love the Four Seasons, this stunning near vintage coobkook won't let you down.


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 319 pages 

Copyright: 1974 

Publisher: Crescent Books 

Author: Charlotte Adams 

ISBN: 9780030802645

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Description: James Beard writes: "This is a highly unusual cookbook for the reason that it reflects twelve years in the history of one of the truly fine restaurants ever to grace the city of New York. Furthermore, the recipes are the work of a rare assemblage of chefs. The home cook is fortunate to have these specialties brought within reach. 

Like the restaurant's menu, the recipes are based on the changes of the seasons and on the idea that certain foods are best enjoyed in their own time. Each recipe has had ample testing over the years, both in the restaurant kitchen and before the public. Each has proved to be workable and good, and has been in continuous demand. This collection, then, represents the most popular and the best of The Four Seasons' offerings. Some of the recipes are variations on classic themes; many are originals. They include easy recipes and those requiring patience and skill to achieve perfect results. All of them have been reduced to proportions and techniques suitable for the home kitchen. Once they are mastered, you can turn them out with the same flair for which The Four Seasons is noted." 

For Charlotte Adams, this is the seventeenth -- and most important -- cookbook of a long and distinguished career in the cooking field. She has been food editor and columnist for newspapers, national press services, and several major magazines. She is a well-known lecturer on food and cooking, appears frequently on television, and conducted two long-lived radio programs. For The Four Seasons Cookbook she undertook the enormous task of organizing the retesting and re-proportioning of each recipe by the restaurant's expert master chefs in The Four Seasons' kitchens. 

James Beard was a founding father of The Four Seasons restaurant and a principal contributor to the development of its seasonal-food concept. As such, he was the ideally qualified Special Consultant and supervisor of this careful adaptation of its greatest recipes for home use. He also has provided authoritative lists of the appropriate wines for each season. 


Condition: Good condition. Dust jacket has some wear at edges and corners.

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