A Day in a Amish Kitchen

A Day in a Amish Kitchen cookbook invites you into the kitchens of Amish cooks to learn about Amish cooking, canning, and gardening. Here are recipes that are truly authentic and have been transcribed from handwritten notes of Amish cooks across the United States and Canada. 


Format: Hardcover, 98 pages. 

Copyright: 1995 

Publisher: Reiman Association 

Author: Bob Ottum 

ISBN: 9780898211474

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Description: The simple family-centered lifestyle of the Amish is especially appealing in these hectic times. And a perfect place to experience the pleasures of plain living is in the heart of any Amish home -- the kitchen. 

You may be a bit surprised as you peruse the recipes in this cookbook -- many of the dishes are not what you'd expect to find in an authentic Amish cafe during a visit to an Amish settlement. That is because these recipes are not tailored for tourists -- they're family favorites directly from the kitchens of Amish cooks in 22 states and Canada. 

In order to preserve the flavor of the originals, the recipes in this cookbook are transcribed directly from the contributors' handwritten notes. Just reading them will give you a fascinating look at the culinary skills of Amish cooks. 


Condition: Good condition. Faint small spot on blank page at end of book. 

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