A Dash of Spice: Health, Beauty and Cookery

A Dash of Spice: Health, Beauty and Cookery is a combination spice guide and cookbook. This very visual book includes some delicious recipes like Lamb Boreks, Coconut Shrimp Curry, Milanese Risotto and more flavorful dishes. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 128 pages 

Copyright: 2003 

Publisher: Chartwell Books 

Author: Kathryn Hawkins and Gail Duff 

ISBN: 9780785817246

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Description: Since the earliest civilizations spices have been used to maintain health, cure disease, and improve our quality of life. Throughout the world, cooks use spices to enhance both the flavor and color of a variety of dishes, from the paprika-flavored goulash of Hungary to the chili-hot stews of Mexico and the turmeric-colored curries of India. 

A Dash of Spice is a comprehensive and entertaining collection of spice recipes, lore and legend, remedies, and beauty treatments. Myth and intrigue have long surrounded the spice trade and the use of spices. This book traces the origins of spices and how they were carried around the world on the treacherous spice routes. The medicinal qualities of spices have been recognized since Roman times when hot pepper was used as a digestive aid and salts made from ginger, pepper, and cumin were believed to prevent chills and even the plague! 

There are more than 50 delicious spice recipes to tempt you, including chili beef casserole, Cajun blackened fish, spinach with pine nuts and cinnamon, and Oriental gingered fruit salad. There are also special features on creating spice and curry blends, using spices in drinks, sauces, relishes and dips, and oils and vinegars. In addition, there is a host of recipes for spice preparations and natural remedies, such as a warming foot bath, spice perfume, and a ginger infusion to relieve nausea. The book also includes an A to Z guide of the most important spices, plus advice on choosing and storing spices and the special equipment that will ensure that you make the best use of your spices. 

Illustrated throughout with historical pictures, spice memorabilia, and superb color photographs, A Dash of Spice is a visual feast of spice delights. 


Condition: Dust jacket has a couple tiny nicks. Further good condition. 

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