Cowboys and Cookouts: A Taste of the Old West

Cowboys and Cookouts: A Taste of the Old West offers 35 trail recipes, plus quotes, photos and more from life on the cattle trail. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 127 pages. 

Copyright: 2003 

Publisher: Barron's Educational Series 

Author: Lewis Esson 

ISBN: 9780764156328

$8.00 $6.99

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Description: Get the taste of the Old West, with recipes, quotes, and photographs that evoke the romance and the reality of life on the cattle trail. The remarkable legend of the American cowboy is brought to life in this fascinating cookbook; the perfect book for anyone enamored with the history and traditions of the great American West. 

Thirty-five authentic trail recipes and a selection of evocative photographs are combined with songs, poems, and quotes from the likes of Kit Carson, Davy Crockett, and Theodore Roosevelt. Organize your own campfire cookout and eat these down-to-earth meals under the stars, or rustle up a feast at home that will satisfy even the heartiest cowboy's appetite. 

Lewis Esson's enticing selection of recipes reveals that cowboy grub was not just bacon and beans, and a good chuck wagon cook could work wonders with a little leftover beef and whatever vegetables he could find on the trail. For Fresh meat, the cowboys often relied on wild game, and Cowboys and Cookouts includes various alternatives, such as venison stew, salt pork, turkey stew, and an innovative rabbit chili. Bread dishes are well represented, and other meals include trail soups, delicious sour milk pancakes, and a remarkable number of suggestions using beans and corn. For a genuine taste of cowboy grub, don't forget to try biscuits and coffee, cowboy style, with every meal. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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