Cooking at the Merchant House Cookbook

Shaun Hill's Michelin starred restaurant in Ludow, Shropshire in England. His Cooking at the Merchant House cookbook presents cooks with over 100 of the restaurant's recipes, refined for the home kitchen. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 192 pages 

Copyright: 2000 

Publisher: Conran Octopus 

Author: Shaun Hill 

ISBN: 9781840911312

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Description: Here is a chef's cookbook that understands the needs of real people, from time constraints, to limited kitchen space, to accessibility of ingredients. Using delicious fresh produce and clear, flexible instructions, author Shaun Hill gives more than 100 recipes for exciting home cooking. 

After working at several renowned hotel restaurants and gaining an international reputation, Shaun chose to get back to the essence of real cooking: serving simple good food on a small scale, using top-quality ingredients. Now he is owner-cook at The Merchant House, a Michelin-starred restaurant situated on the ground floor of his own home in Ludlow, Shropshire, England. While other celebrity chefs have brigades of assistant chefs and industrial catering facilities, Shaun, like the average householder, does his own shopping, cooking, washing up and accounts. And it is this contact with daily realities that gives him a unique empathy with the home cook. 

In common with most top chefs, Shaun has a firm foundation in classic French cuisine, but he also enjoys flavours from the Orient, Middle East, Mediterranean and British Isles, as well as good home-style baking. Cooking at The Merchant House takes us through his key dishes, from the source of the main ingredients to the plate, revealing how to choose the best produce, how to prepare it, and then how to cook it. Shaun also likes to explain why you need to do certain things in the kitchen and in each recipe gives watchpoints for the cooking process to increase the non-professional's confidence. 

With Shaun Hill's expertise to hand, you will soon be producing enviable meals with flair. Cooking at The Merchant House is sure to be a kitchen-shelf favourite. 


Condition: Bookboards, interior pages and dust jacket are in very nice condition. Dust jacket's top edge is slightly frayed. 

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