Canyon Ranch Cookbook

Canyon Ranch Cookbook is brought to you by Jeanne Jones and the staff of the acclaimed Canyon Ranch spa and resort in Tucson, Arizona. Here are favorite recipes from the spa resort that you can make at home.


Format: Softcover spiral bound, 241 pages. 

Copyright: 1988 

Publisher: Canyon Ranch 

Author: Jeanne Jones and Canyon Ranch Staff

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Description: Designing the many different types of menus we present at Canyon Ranch and developing the necessary recipes is a never-ending challenge. It is also an ongoing culinary adventure that is both fun and rewarding. 

The author's menu planning goal is to provide the ideal fuel mix necessary for high performance through delicious and beautiful dishes. She also includes a complete range of international and ethnic meals and a wide variety of presentation ideas that you can use for your own entertaining when you return home. 

To keep Canyon Ranch menus low in calories but high in vitamins, minerals and fiber, we eliminate fat whenever possible, calories come from only four sources. They are the three food categories—carbohydrates, proteins and fats— plus alcohol. Canyon Ranch's goal is to have 60 percent of the available calories each day come from complex carbohydrates, 20 percent from protein and 20 percent from fat. Many of their guests are surprised to find so many breads, pastas, potatoes and unusual grains on our menus. The importance of emphasizing the complex carbohydrates in a well-balanced diet is an established nutritional fact. 

Canyon Ranch's low-calorie menus are balanced to meet all of your nutritional needs. You will not be hungry between meals, and you will lose pounds and inches. It is no longer "in" to be thin—it is "in" to befit! 


Condition: Good condition. 

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