200 Years of Charleston Cooking Cookbook 1934

Southern favorite recipes abound in 200 Years of Charleston Cooking cookbook. Recipes from the past were brought to life in this vintage cookbook from the 1930's. Recipes for Red Rice, Jambalayah, Charolette Russe and Apple Fritters all make our mouths water. This cookbook doesn't come along too often! It's a great collectible.


Format: Hardcover, 305 pages 

Copyright: 1934. Revised edition 

Publisher: Random House 

Author: Blanche S. Rhett, Letti Gay and Helen Woodward 

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Description: 200 Years of Charleston Cooking cookbook includes recipes or "receipts" from old families of the state of South Carolina. The cookbook also includes a few recipes which appear in The Carolina Housewife and The Southern Cook Book--out of print, now antique cookbooks. The authors had them reinterpreted for "modern" times (1930's is no longer that though recipes still include everyday supermarket ingredients).

Condition: Interior overall good condition with some pencil notations (starred recipes and underlined words). Cover spine cloth loose from binding though pages still well bound. Top edge of spine damaged. Mesh shows through a bit at spine. 

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