Your Community Cook Book - Vintage 1949

Your Community Cook Book is a vintage 1949 book based on the New Century Cook Book by the Modern Home Institute. The original "Good Food And How To Cook It" by the author, Newill was published in 1939. This edition was revised and enlarged by Demetria Taylor. There are hundreds of pages of recipes for everything from Deviled Scrambled Eggs to to Peach Pie.


Format: Hardcover, 595 pages 

Copyright: 1949 

Publisher: Modern Home Institute, Inc. 

Author: Phyllis Krafft Newill 

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Description: Collectors will enjoy this vintage cookbook based on the New Century Cook Book revised from Good Food and How to Cook It. Recipe abound from cover to cover with nearly 600 pages in total containing how-tos, recipes, and a complete index.  


Condition: Bookboards and interior pages are in good condition. A few pages are creased (dog-eared). 

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