Cooking With the Young Chefs of France Cookbook

Cooking With the Young Chefs of France cookbook presents French recipes for both traditional and contemporary dishes, all interpreted as contemporary. If you enjoy French cuisine, this is a good resource for interesting recipes to prepare at home. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket and plastic protective sleeve, 330 pages 

Copyright: 1981 

Publisher: M. Evans and Company, Inc. 

Author: Elisabeth Lambert Ortiz 

ISBN: 9780871313607

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Description: Ten years after the advent of nouvelle cuisine many of its most vocal supporters are revising their culinary ideas. What was once hailed as a refreshing break from classic French cooking has often become an excuse for poor craftsmanship, world-wide menu homogeneity, and dishes either uneventful or contrived. 

In the wake of this sentiment, Elisabeth Lambert Ortiz presents Cooking with the Young Chefs of France Cookbook: Contemporary Interpretations of Traditional Cuisine. In this highly personal cookbook, Elisabeth Ortiz roams through the provinces of France selecting and adapting some of the oldest and most traditional, as well as the newest and most contemporary of French recipes. What all of these dishes have in common is that all are the favorite dishes prepared by a new breed of young chefs who have learned to adapt the glory of the culinary past to the technology of the modern kitchen. This new style is not nouvelle cuisine. While the chefs retain a fondness for fresh vegetables barely cooked and for more fish, poultry and salads, they have not lost their love of butter, sauces, cream and the fullest of stocks. In fact, says Ortiz, the sauces may be even richer, though you use less of them. 

Cooking with the Young Chefs of France is divided into chapters covering hors d'oeuvre and salads, soups, fish and shellfish, poultry, meats, vegetables, as well as desserts and breads. There is a helpful section offering basic recipes for stocks and pastry, as well as information about special techniques needed for the recipes. This is a cookbook for the sophisticated cook by an author noted for her perfectionist approach to the presentation of a recipe. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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