The Year-Round Holiday Cookbook

The Year-Round Holiday Cookbook packs in just under 250 recipes, plus 30 menus for holidays throughout the calendar year. Everything from New Year's Day through to Christmas  are found inside. Looking for fresh ideas, this vintage cookbook from 1969 is full of delicious recipes that endure the test of time. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket and plastic protective sleeve, 214 pages 

Copyright: 1969 

Publisher: Atheneum 

Author: Suzanne Huntley 

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Description: Feasts for all the seasons! Festive foods for year-round pleasure! Mealtime manna for every holiday! From January to December, one chapter for each month, Suzanne Huntley has gathered a harvest of recipes guaranteed to make any celebration a gustatory delight. Whether for George Washington's or your own child's birthday, a wedding-party supper, a Fourth-of-July picnic, or Thanksgiving's groaning board, here are enticing dishes for every occasion. New treats to transform those same old days into exciting events; distinguished flavors to make any anniversary unforgettable. 

Over 30 menus, ingeniously balanced. Nearly 250 recipes, tried and true. Plus extra goodies to hide on Easter morning, to fill May baskets, to stuff Christmas stockings. 

Mrs. Huntley's previous book, The Twelve Days of Christmas Cookbook (a selection of The Cook Book Guild), won from epicure and master chef James Beard this accolade: "To a lover of the Christmas tradition, this book is a joy. All the recipes awaken memories of wondrous smells and tastes of the season." Multiply this by twelve and you have an idea of the wealth of good eating in The Year-Round Holiday Cookbook, a gourmet gift for any season. 


Condition: Good condition with minor jacket wear. Owner's name in ink on blank opening page.

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