Yankee Hill Country Cooking - Vintage Cookbook 1963

Yankee Hill Country Cooking is a vintage cookbook from 1963. It contains old recipes found in hand-written recipe notebooks in New England -- heirloom recipes from rural kitchens. It's a great collectible for vintage cookbook collectors and an unusual resource of delicious family dishes. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 202 pages. 

Copyright: 1963. Book Club edition 

Publisher: The Stephen Greene Press 

Author: Beatrice Vaughan 

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Description: Yankee Hill Country Cooking contains the kind of recipes the connoisseurs hunt for in the hand-written "receipt" books one used to see offered at country auctions and, with luck, occasionally found in farmhouse attics. It has been compiled direct from tattered and spotted notebooks kept as treasures in New England families since the time a housewife often did her borrowing from neighboring teepees as well as farms. It is an Escoffier of economical, substantial, everyday fare bursting with nourishment and flavor. 


Condition: Nice condition. Dust jacket has some wear and small tears. Interior in very good shape. 

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