World of Jewish Cooking Cookbook

World of Jewish Cooking Cookbook provides over 500 traditional Jewish recipes from Eastern Europe to the Middle East. Recipes like Fried Mamaliga, Kartoffel Kugel (Ashkenazic Potato Pudding), Kouclas bi Khobz (Moroccan Bread Dumpling), and Lahamagine (Near Eastern Small Meat Pizzas) make this book a standout and far from ordinary. We highly recommend this cookbook for those of you who wish to explore the broad range of recipes available to you in the World of Jewish Cooking. 


Format: Softcover, 405 pages. 

Copyright: 1999 

Publisher: A Fireside Book 

Author: Gil Marks 

ISBN: 9780684835594

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Description: There is a whole world of Jewish cooking beyond chopped liver and gefilte fish. Scattered across the globe, there are many distinctive, delicious, and authentic Jewish cuisines to be savored. 

Gil Marks, a rabbi, gourmet chef, and authority on Jewish food history and lore, guides us through this largely undiscovered world. He delights and enlightens with traditional recipes from Italian, Yemenite, Ethiopian, Indian, Eastern European, German, Hungarian, Georgian, Alsatian, and Middle Eastern Jewry; culinary conversations with contemporary members of these ancient and medieval communities; and fascinating commentary on Jewish food and Jewish history. 

The World of Jewish Cooking offers an astonishing array of delicacies, including: 

  • Pastilla (Moroccan "Pigeon" Pie) 
  • Kik Wot (Ethiopian Split Pea Stew)  
  • Muez con Almendrada (Moroccan Almond-Walnut Confection) 
  • Khachapuri (Georgian Cheese Bread) 
  • Yakhnat (Persian Lamb Stew) 
  • Murgi Kari (Calcutta Chicken Curry) 
  • Meggy Leves (Hungarian Cherry Soup) 
  • Testine di Spinaci (Italian Spinach Stalks) 
  • Hraimeh (Northwest African Red Fish) 
  • Kubba (Iraqi Stuffed Dumplings) 
  • Marunchinos (Sephardic Almond Macaroons) 


Condition: Good condition. 

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