Woman's World Cook Book

Woman's World Cook Book is a vintage cookbook from 1961 that features America's best prized recipes tested in the Culinary Arts Institute kitchens. 


Format: Hardcover, 512 pages. 

Copyright: 1961

Publisher: Culinary Arts Institute

Author: Ruth Berolzheimer, Editor

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Description: Use of recipes to become a good cook requires more than the blind following of a recipe. This is frequently illustrated when several women living in the same community, all using the same recipe, obtain widely differing results. It is the reason so many cooks say, "I had good luck with my cake today," or "I had bad luck with my bread yesterday." 

Happily, luck causes neither the success nor the failure of a product. To become a good cook means to gain a knowledge of foods and how they behave, and skill in manipulating them. The recipe by itself, helpful as it is, will not produce a good product; the human being using the recipe must interpret it and must have skill in handling the materials it prescribes. 

Some of the lessons which the person desiring to become a good cook should learn are given in the pages of this Woman's World Cook Book from the Culinary Arts Institute. They will not be learned all at once; but if they are mastered gradually, luck will play a less important part in culinary conversation. 


Condition: Good condition. Laminate lightly peeling. 

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