Wolfgang Puck Makes It Easy Cookbook

Wolfgang Puck Makes It Easy Cookbook is signed by the world renowned chef. This recipe-packed cookbook contains over 150 recipes along with color photos of many of the prepared dishes. There are a blend of cuisines inside including his famous Italian pizzas, pastas and paninis. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 305 pages 

Copyright: 2004 

Publisher: Rutledge Hills Press 

Author: Wolfgang Puck 

ISBN: 9781401601805

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Description: Wolfgang Puck wants you to serve exciting, delicious, creative meals in your own home without feeling intimidated by complicated processes or difficult recipes. Whether in Spago -- his signature restaurant in Beverly Hills -- catering for a premier Oscar event, or creating this cookbook, this celebrated chef with a genius for creativity is always authentic, caring, and entertaining. Your family and guests will appreciate the help he gives in transforming your home cooking. 

This recipe collection overflows with tips, more than 150 carefully explained recipes, step-by-step photographic instructions, and a helpful appendix. The key to delicious recipes for your home kitchen, says Wolfgang is simplicity, quality ingredients, and good equipment. 

And this book helps you with all three. The recipes are thoroughly explained with insightful tips. A helpful appendix includes "Kitchen Helpers" that give a recommended list of ingredients and wines for your pantry and includes Wolfgang's secrets of how to select the best because "even a great sauce can't make a dish wonderful if the main ingredients aren't of the highest quality." It also includes information on kitchen equipment that will help you select the right pots, pans, knives, food processor, and pressure cooker. 'Well chosen equipment will help you to be a better cook," says Wolfgang. 

Wolfgang Puck is one of the world's most famous chefs. His cooking is enjoyed in more than 60 restaurants including Spago, Chinois, Granita, Lupo, Postrio, Vert, and the Wolfgang Puck Express chain. He is among the nation's premier caterers and appears on his own Emmy-winning Food Network television show. 


Condition: Back of dust jacket has two large scratches. Further good condition. 

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