Wok and Stir-Fry

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Format: Softcover, 256 pages. 

Copyright: 2001 

Publisher: Hermes House 

Author: Linda Doeser 

ISBN: 9781843090076

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  • Cook up a feast of Asian flavors in minutes, with this fabulous collection of sizzling and aromatic stir-fried recipes with exotic textures and tastes  
  • Includes all you need to know about cooking with a wok, from choosing and caring for your equipment to preparing unusual ingredients, herbs and spices, and mastering speedy stir-fry techniques 
  • Everything from soups and spring rolls to sizzling meat, poultry and fish dishes, vegetarian stir-fries, rice and noodles, and even Eastern-style stir-fried desserts 
  • 200 recipes, illustrated step-by-step-every dish beautifully pictured in its finished form to guarantee best results every time 


Condition: Good condition. 

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