Wilton Way Cake Decorating Cookbook - Volume 3 The Uses of Tubes

Wilton Way Cake Decorating Cookbook - Volume 3 The Uses of Tubes offers cake decorators the techniques employed through the use of tubes. 


Format: Hardcover, 328 pages 

Copyright: 1979 

Publisher: Wilton Enterprises, Inc. 

Edited by: Eugene T. and Marilynn C. Sullivan 

ISBN: 9780912696164

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Description: Volume Three of The Wilton Way of Cake Decorating goes to the very heart of this fascinating art. It highlights the importance of tubes, the basic tools employed by the decorator.  

Decorating tubes were among the very first products manufactured by Wilton in the early days of the company. Then, tools for cake decorating were generally only available to bakers and other professionals. To bring the fun and excitement of decorating to everyone, Wilton first produced a few dozen basic tools, and then began teaching people with a desire to be creative how to use them. Most important and needed of all the tools were the tubes.

By studying the pages of this book, you'll gain an amazing insight into the magic that each of the 180 tubes can perform. There are also scores of outstanding cakes pictured that have been decorated through the use of the various families of tubes.


Condition: Bookboards and interior pages are in good condition. Top corner tips show minor damage. 

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