Williamsburg Art of Cookery Cookbook

Williamsburg Art of Cookery is a vintage cookbook. This is the 1989 printing. The book compiles favorite Virginia recipes collected from books used in Virginia households. The recipes inside are historical. If you are a fan of recipes from the past, this is your cookbook. 


Format: Hardcover, 276 pages 

Copyright: 1989

Publisher: Colonial Williamsburg 

Author: Helen Bullock 

ISBN: 9780910412308

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Description:  The Williamsburg Art of Cookery is a historic cookbook with recipes gathered from Virginia's past. You know the dishes are from way back when you see things like "pie" spelled "pye." Wow. This one is truly for culinary historians. What fun. This is a 1989 printing -- the book's original copyright is 1966. 


Condition: Good condition. Book wrapper around cover has minor crease.

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