Wild Plums in Brandy: A Cookery Book of Wild Foods

Wild Plums in Brandy: A Cookery Book of Wild Foods is a cookbook by Sylvia Boorman published in 1969. This is the 1975 expanded edition. Here you will find unique recipes that showcase wild foods like wild fruits, nuts, fish, and more. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 194 pages. 

Copyright: 1975, Expanded Edition 

Publisher: McGraw-Hill 

Author: Sylvia Boorman 

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Description: Even if you've already tasted her roast porcupine, drunk her homemade dandelion wine, and indulged yourself in her wicked little dessert of wild plums in brandy, you've just had a small glimpse into Sylvia Boorman's unique cooking repertoire. 

For this new and expanded edition of her now-famous wild foods cookery, Miss Boorman adds to the feast with even more delectably different fruit and game recipes. Some are her own, others have been discovered in pioneer diaries or rare old cook books. And for the first time, too, she gives us a special section on new ways to cook with nuts. Butternuts, black walnuts, hickory nuts, beechnuts, hazelnuts -- why, even the little acorn becomes a delicacy under Miss Boorman's tutelage! 

It isn't only cooking enthusiasts and adventurous palates that respond to these wild foods specialties. Anyone who loves to hunt or fish, anyone with a love for the outdoors and for the things that grow wild and plentiful in our land, will warm to Miss Boorman's genuine delight in treating us to her recipes and to her recollections of having tested them for the first time. She reminds us that the trout we catch ourselves is all the tastier; that the ripe strawberries, freshly picked, are all the sweeter. 

So whether a cook or not, one cannot help but enjoy the scents and sights and succulent flavors this wild foods cookery evokes. 


Condition: Dust jacket has some rubbing and small spots. Further good condition. 

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