The New Wiki Wiki Kau Kau Cookbook - Hawaii

The New Wiki Wiki Kau Kau Cookbook - Hawaii is actually not new. It is a vintage 1976 second edition of a popular regional Hawaiian cookbook. Inside you'll find the flavors of the Islands from many different cultures. Chocolate Coconut Balls, Lorrie Bachran's Spareribs, A La Apricot, Oahu Country Club Ice Tea, Banana Waffles, Sweet Potato Pancakes, Banana-Ham Fritters, Haole Luau Pork Pie, Haupia, and Pineapple Custard Pie are some of the wonderful recipes inside The New Wiki Wiki Kau Kau Cookbook. 


Format: Softcover spiral bound, 97 pages 

Copyright: 1976 

Publisher: John Ord 

Author: "Tutu Kay" Mercer 

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Additional Details

Description: The New Wiki Wiki Kau Kau Cookbook from Hawaii is a vintage 1976 second edition cook book of the Islands. The recipes are from a diverse culture of Islanders. The cook book has been written for the Islander who would like suggestions as to what to serve to Malihini (tourists, newcomers to the Islands) guests; something that they are sure the Malihini would enjoy; something that is distinctly Hawaiian in flavor but not so strange as not to be enjoyed. 

By Hawaiian, this doesn't mean authentic Hawaiian dishes, but instead foods that have the taste of the melting pot that makes Hawaii. It has also been written for the Malihini or visitor who, returning home, would like to prepare as a special treat for family or friends, a meal, reminiscent of the Islands and quite different from the usual American fare. 

The new chapters that have been added to this second edition of "Wiki Wiki Kaukau" may seem out of place in a cook book; they have been added to give the visitor or Malihini a fuller understanding of the background of Hawaii and the origin of its cooking and to help them get the fullest enjoyment of their visit to the Islands and to assist them in recreating the visit in the form of a Liiau when they return to the Mainland. 


Condition: Good condition. One plastic spiral ring is broken. The book is still well bound. 

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