What's Cooking Down in Maine Cookbook - Vintage 1964

What's Cooking Down in Maine Cookbook is a vintage 1964 regional cookbook that shares not only the classic Maine lobster or fish dishes, but also its breads, pies, poultry, potatoes, meat, and other types of dishes. Fans of the State will find out about some of its less known cuisine, along with the secrets of its staple dishes. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 132 pages 

Copyright: 1964. Book Club Edition 

Publisher: The Bond Wheelwright Co. 

Author: Willan C. Roux 

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Description: Probably the most significant ingredient in Down East cookery is common sense, a quality not necessarily exclusive to Maine, but nevertheless, an inborn characteristic of the people. Exotic seasonings and fancy trimmings have little place in their eatables. Yet imagination, originality, and distinction are in all of the dishes that come out of their kitchens. 

Where but in Maine are lobster and fish so well understood and so well treated in the pot, the oven, and the skillet? Where else are there chowders and stews so simple in content yet such masterpieces of taste and consistency? Where is there more honest cooking, the kind that develops, without artifice, the nature-given flavor of every food? 

To be sure, the products of Maine's shores and salt water are justly famous and their preparation and serving reasonably well known. But what of meat and potatoes, poultry, game, vegetables, bread, and cakes and pies? What about sauces and gravies, condiments, jellies and jams, native desserts? Here you will find culinary gems of equal note. Here is robust food as well as flavorful dishes that rank, in gastronomic appeal, with much of the best cooking in America. A Maine boiled dinner, like a Maine clam chowder, is an unforgettable experience in good eating. And once you have tasted a Maine blueberry pie, you will never be satisfied with anything less! 


Condition: Dust jacket has some small tears.. Further good condition. Interior excellent.

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