Well Seasoned Appetite Cookbook

A Well Seasoned Appetite cookbook by Molly O'Neill author of New York Cookbook, brings you 200 recipes for the seasons, the soul and the senses. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 464 pages 

Copyright: 1997 

Publisher: Penguin 

Author: Molly O'Neill 

ISBN: 9780670849246

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Description:  Well-Seasoned Appetite, Molly O'Neill intertwines more than 200 recipes with smart, eloquent essays that celebrate the fact that eating, like most intimate acts performed by human beings, has as much to do with the mind and spirit as with the body. She shows how, by cooking in harmony with the seasons, we can recover our natural appetites—the particular desires and fine distinctions lately blurred by having all foods abundantly available all the time. 

Featuring innovative techniques such as oven-drying summer produce or using vegetable broth to lighten dressings and homey recipes for one-pot dinners and rustic tarts, A Well-Seasoned Appetite is rendered with humor and passion, a fine illustration of O'Neill's conviction that "cooking should nourish life at more than the cellular level." 


Condition: Good condition 

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