Wei-Chuan's Cookbook - Chinese Snacks

Chinese and English bilingual Wei-Chuan's Cookbook - Chinese Snacks includes step-by-step photos enabling you to create Chinese snacks more easily. Flaky Red Bean Buns, Golden Fried Meat Dumplings, and Four Flavor Dumplings are sampling of the snacks you'll find inside. Yum...we are getting hungry just reading about these delicious dishes.  


Format: Paperback with plastic protective sleeve, 99 pages, Chinese/English translation

Copyright: 1990, 6th Printing 

Publisher: Wei-Chuan's Cookbook 

Author: Huang-Su-Huei 

ISBN: 9780941676113

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Description: Years have passed since Chinese Snacks was published and I am pleased that it is still as popular internationally as it is in Taiwan. Recent scientific research and technological developments have influenced all our lives. The food industry has been changed greatly. Many of the ingredients used in food preparation are now produced more scientifically, and are more readily available. Not too long ago, we had to grind rice to make rice paste. Now, we can purchase ready made rice flour and all we have to do is mix it with water to make rice paste. The high quality of the photographs and printing of our books are produced by state of the art equipment and materials. 

I decided to revise Chinese Snacks to update and simplify the directions and, in some cases, to provide the use of new and different ingredients. This edition also includes step-by-step photographs that enable you to prepare Chinese snacks more easily, efficiently, and economically. The recipes have been tested several times in Wei-Chuan's kitchen to insure their accuracy and the directions have been carefully edited. 

Chinese Snacks is published as an English-Chinese bilingual edition to meet the needs of the people in Taiwan and to continue to assist English-speaking people in the art of Chinese food preparation. Wei-Chuan's Cooking extends an invitation to the neophyte to delve into the art of preparing Chinese Snacks. 


Condition: Good condition with minor wear to laminate cover protector. 

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