Vogue French Cookbook

Vogue French Cookbook is designed for those who love France and its cuisine. The book showcases the recipes from the author's original dishes that appeared in a 1961 French cookery book from Vogue.   


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 160 pages. 

Copyright: 1984

Publisher: Conde Nast Publications Ltd  

Author: Francine (Mme Cosette Vogel de Brunhoff) 

ISBN: 9780671067960

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Description:  Stop in any French town or village. Walk into a small restaurant and order the recommended prix fixe menu. It can safely be predicted that the food will be unpretentious, imaginative, well presented and delicious. One is surprised so often by wonderful meals in unlikely looking places, that it is difficult not to adopt a completely perverse attitude, seeking out restaurants with holes in the walls and gravy stains on the tablecloths, in the belief that they will produce the greatest culinary delights. 

Vogue French Cookbook captures the atmosphere of a country where lorry drivers demand -- and get -- transport cafes serving home cooking at its best, where food it treated with respect and not as some sort of fuel and where a meal is one of the great joys of life and not an expedient stop-gap. All the recipes bear this unmistakable stamp -- from garlic-flavored Soupe au Pistou to veal with oranges, pigeon with raisins -- or the intriguing "Smuggler's Trotters." This cookbook is a book for people who love France and who love food, which after lal, is very nearly the same thing. 

Vogue French Cookbook is based on the highly successful Vogue's French Cookery Book, which comprised an original collection of Francine's recipes and appeared in 1961. This version has been edited by Mary Reynolds to present the original recipe in an updated way. 


Condition: Interior pages are in good condition. Dust jacket has some faded spotting. The opening inside blank cover page has the letters LP in red ink.  

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