The Vintage Taste Cookbook from the Salem Baking Company

The Vintage Taste Cookbook from the Salem Baking Company features 100 easy to elegant recipes. The cookbook also features Moravian cookies. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 167 pages. 

Copyright: 2007 

Publisher: Salem Baking Company, Inc. 

Author: Salem Baking Company 

ISBN: 9780615168685

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Description: "Vintage" is the appropriate, if not the best, way to describe our family of products from Salem Baking. We began as a retail bakery in Winston-Salem, NC, operating continuously since 1930 as Dewey's Bakery. In 1992, we created Salem Baking Company. We named our new company after the Moravian settlement of Salem located in our community, which was established in 1766, and was the source of the recipe for our first product -- Moravian Cookies. 

"I've known Moravian Cookies all my life. They are more than cookies. These gems can become flavor vehicles, textural components, sauce binders, crusting agents and garnishes for dishes we know and love. The recipes I have created come from regions throughout the world, with nods to Mediterranean, Asian, northern European and regional American cuisines. The story is in the spices. Some of the world's finest spices and flavors find their way into these dishes through the addition of Moravian Cookies. 

These recipes tell bring to life the rich history of the spices they feature, that includes the story of the beloved Moravian Cookie tradition. I am proud and pleased to introduce to you a new ingredient that will add both flavor and inspiration to your cuisine and bring smiles and fond memories to your guests." (Jared Lee, Chef) 


Condition: Good condition. 

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