365 Ways to Cook Hamburger

This 1960 cookbook titled 365 Ways to Cook Hamburger gives you recipes for hamburger and ground meat. Everything from 35 burger variations to chili and meat loaf are found inside this vintage cookbook. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket and plastic protective sleeve, 189 pages. 

Copyright: 1960 

Publisher: Doubleday & Company 

Author: Doyne Nickerson 

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Description: 365 Ways to Cook Hamburger by Doyne Nicker son offers a wealth of new recipes and fresh inspiration for preparing America's favorite meat dish. Using a wide variety of ingredients, Doyhe Nickerson has organized his book under nine separate divisions that provide imaginative recipes for 1 to 100 people. For those who cling to the traditional hamburger, there are 35 variations on the basic bunburger and 13 succulent sauces for the broiled or grilled hamburger patty. 

For those who want something new and different there are such mouth-watering possibilities as My Favorite Mexican Chili, Hamburger Upside-down Pie, Pineapple Meat Loaf, German Tartare, Hamburger Soup, Swedish Kaldolmar, and Dietetic Hamburger Patties. 

A score of invaluable tips are given on buying, storing, and handling ground beef, the meat that outsells all others in the U.S. In addition there is a brief account of the history of the hamburger here and abroad. For both the housewife and the back-yard-barbecue chef, 365 Ways to Cook Hamburger is an exciting menu enlivener. 


Condition: Dust jacket has small tears. Owner's name in ink on opening blank page. Further good condition. 

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