Veneto Cookbook - Authentic Recipes From Venice and The Italian Northeast

Authentic recipes from Venice are shared in Veneto Cookbook. This Italian used cookbook is like new and offers all the romance of Venice, Italy through its Italian recipes. Dishes from Pillow-shaped Beet-Stuffed Pasta to Zaletti traditional cookies will all make your mouth water... and your kitchen a culinary inspiration.  


Format: Paperback, 161 pages 

Copyright: 2003 

Publisher: Chronicle Books 

Author: Julia Della Croce 

ISBN: 9780811823500

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Description: The Veneto -- home to enchanting Venice, land of rice-producing deltas, olive groves and vineyards, agricultural flatlands, and one of the most dramatic mountainscapes anywhere in the world -- contains a wealth of cherished culinary traditions. 

In the authentic Veneto kitchen, rich heritage merges with humble ingredients to produce some of the most fascinating cuisine in Italy. The dishes often center around favorite northern Italian staples: polenta, beans, or rice. Each of the seven provinces adds its own unique ingredients: Venice is famous for its fish; Verona adds its spectacular vegetables to endless varieties of brilliant risottos; Treviso's fields blossom with its signature scarlet radicchio; Belluno's mountain climate lends itself to hearty, satisfying dishes of earthy potatoes and game. 

Julia delta Croce, noted cookbook author and a leading authority on Italian cooking, shares the fascinating origins of each recipe in Veneto Cookbook as she takes you on a glorious visual and culinary tour of Veneto. Pillow-shaped Beet-Stuffed Pasta, with a sprinkle of poppy seeds, reveals Austrian influences. Red Beans with Pancetta, Cloves, Rosemary, and Wine is a specialty of Adria. Sumptuous Roast Young Hen Turkey with Pomegranate Sauce celebrates the harvest. Zaletti, traditional cookies made with finely ground polenta, are a classic accompaniment to coffee or tea. 

A personal directory of charming places to stay, local festivals, and a host of cooking classes teaching regional Italian cuisine will entice and inspire you to plan your next vacation to Veneto. Until then, this beloved region is as close as your kitchen. 


Condition: Like new. 

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