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The Valentino Cookbook from Piero Selvaggio, restaurateur of the popular Santa Monica Italian Restaurant Valentino, shares his exciting recipes with cooks everywhere. In his cookbook, Selvaggio showcases his incredible dishes ranging from appetizer through to dessert. You'll quickly see why his restaurant is considered to be one of the finest in the country.  


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 280 pages 

Copyright: 2001 

Publisher: Villard Books 

Author: Piero Selvaggio and Karen Stabiner 

ISBN: 9780679452423

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Description: In 1972, with limited funds and only a modest culinary background, Piero Selvaggio opened a small Italian restaurant in a decidedly unglamorous Santa Monica neighborhood. Now, almost thirty years later, Valentino is consistently hailed as one of the finest restaurants in the Los Angeles area and the nation, and Selvaggio is the consummate host and orchestrator of one of the most sublime dining experiences imaginable. The Valentino Cookbook draws on Selvaggio's extensive experience as a restaurateur, a culinary explorer, and, most of all, a lover of food and wine. 

In this charming and generous cookbook, he shares the lessons he has learned in his ever-evolving love affair with fine cuisine. He gives us delightful personal anecdotes and an incredible collection of dishes, ranging from traditional to innovative: Petti di Fagiano Avvolti in Pancetta (Pheasant Breast Wrapped in Pancetta), Gamberoni e Connellini all'Olio Toscano (Shrimp and White Beans in Tuscan Oil), Passato di Verdura (Pureed Vegetable Soup), Raviolini di Cappone (Small Capon Ravioli in Broth), Fusilli con Verdure Forti e Pancetta (Fusilli with Bitter Greens and Pancetta), an elegant Lemon and Grappa Crostata, and the rich Croccante Semifreddo. 

With each recipe, Selvaggio, the most respected wine expert in the country, includes a selection of sublime wines -- from budget finds to spectacular bottles for a special occasion. His tasteful pairings enhance each dish, and this show of expertise is one of the most unusual and valuable qualities of The Valentino Cookbook. 

Simple or complex, traditional or progressive -- for Selvaggio, all good cooking is, at heart, very personal: a journey of taste for which the end isn't nearly as important as the fantasias along the way. This wonderful cookbook will help all of us develop a true understanding of taste and refine our appreciation for everything that great dining is all about. 


Condition: Bookboards, interior pages and dust jacket are in beautiful condition.

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