The New Unity Inn Cookbook: Vegetarian Cafeteria Unity Village Missouri

The New Unity Inn Cookbook - Vegetarian Cafeteria Unity Village Missouri shares the cafeteria's famous recipes for all to enjoy. This is a great vintage cookbook collectible! The cookbook contains 170 recipes in all. In the 1920s, the popular cafeteria was the largest vegetarian cafeteria in the world. 


Format: Softcover spiral bound, 104 pages 

Copyright: 1967

Publisher: Unity Books 

Author: Alice Rinehart 

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Description: The Unity Inn Cookbook came about as an answer to the numerous requests for the vegetarian cafeteria's recipes. The Unity Inn is a cafeteria in Unity Village Missouri with vegetarian specialties, pastries and other dishes that hundreds became acquainted with through visits to Unity Headquarters for retreats, training, and sightseeing. The book is a vegetarian cookbook. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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