Umami Bomb Cookbook of Vegetarian Recipes

Umami Bomb cookbook showcases 75 vegetarian recipes that explode with flavor.  Crispy Cheddar Cheese Waffles, Caramelized Onion Korean Pancake, and Gouda-Apple-Thyme Galettes are some of the many special vegetarian recipe options inside the Umami Bomb cookbook by Raquel Pelzel. 


Format: Hardcover, 245 pages. 

Copyright: 2019 

Publisher: Workman Publishing Company 

Author: Raquel Pelzel 

ISBN: 9781523500369

$11.00 $9.99

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Description: Ingeniously built around the use of eight umami-rich ingredients – aged cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms, soy sauce, miso, caramelized onions, smoke, and nutritional yeast – the 75 recipes here are bursting with the sublime, savory fifth taste. 

Turn mushrooms into "lardons" for a bold take on Southern black-eyed peas and greens. CarameLize onions to create the best grilled cheese ever. Add a secret spoonful of soy sauce to your next chocolate cake -- the soy taste disappears but leaves behind an unexpected depth of flavor. Part of the brilliance of Umami Bomb is how the recipes layer these key ingredients to amplify their effect – like adding miso to an already cheesy cacio e pepe sauce for pasta so savory and delicious you'll do a double take. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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