Ultimate Cookie Cookbook

Over 175 cookie recipes of all kinds can be found inside The Ultimate Cookie Cookbook. Recipes feature a color photo of the finished cookies. Chocolate Caramel Sandwiches, Valentine Sandwiches, Kirsch Fingers, and Scottish Shortbread are just a sampling of the delicious treats found inside this Ultimate Cookie Cookbook.


Format: Hardcover, 256 pages. 

Copyright: 1997 

Publisher: Tormont 

Author: Tormont Publications 

ISBN: 9782764104859

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Description: Cookies are the ultimate comfort food, and what child has ever been known to refuse one? For the serious cookie lover, there is no comparing a store-bought cookie with the rich flavor and the satisfying crunch and aroma of a cookie lovingly baked in your own oven. The only true cookie is a homemade cookie. 

With over 175 recipes beautifully illustrated with more than 250 color photographs, The Ultimate Cookie Cookbook offers all your family favorites here. As well, there's a wonderful selection of other tried-and-true recipes for cookies, squares and muffins. From simple classics to fancy eye-catching delights, a whole range of scrumptious cookie possibilities is offered. 

  • Refrigerator Cookies 
  • Drop Cookies 
  • Cutout Cookies 
  • Shaped Cookies 
  • Filled and Garnished Cookies 
  • Chocolate Cookies 
  • Holiday Cookies 
  • International Cookies 
  • Bars and Squares 
  • Muffins 

The Ultimate Cookie Book will transform the unabashed cookie lover in you into a true cookie connoisseur. 


Condition: Small, but deep scratches in back cover. Further, good condition.

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