Traditional Ukrainian Cookery

Recipes for Babka, Tortes, Varenykys, and more fill the pages of Traditional Ukrainian Cookery, a vintage cookbook from 1973. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 495 pages. 

Copyright: 1973, sixth edition 

Publisher: Trident Press 

Author: Savella Stechishin 

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Description: Here is a grand collection of cherished family recipes to satisfy the homemaker's needs for appetizing and interesting dishes from the Ukrainian kitchen. The measurements and directions of these recipes, with their old-world charm, have been modernized and standardized making them readily adaptable to Canadian use. Good cooks from various parts of Canada have also contributed their own family favorites and have proudly signed them. 

The sections on Ukrainian baking are especially fascinating. There are various recipes for traditional, festive breads like babka, coffee cakes, innumerable old-world bread pastries, and also delicate tortes, tea dainties, and honey cakes that keep fresh for weeks. 

In the introduction to each section the compiler has given some interesting information about colorful Ukrainian customs, old-world traditions, and festive ceremonies which bring out the individuality of the Ukrainian people. The recipes are presented in a unique style with introductory notes which make the book informative, friendly, and delightful to read. 

Both the amateur and the experienced cook will find this book helpful for everyday meals and for festive occasions. 


Condition: Good condition. Jacket has small tears. 

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