Tyler Hill Bed and Breakfast Cookbook - Pennsylvania

The Tyler Hill Bed and Breakfast Cookbook from the Pennsylvania B&B owned by author Wanye Braffman is a delightful recipe book. Dozens of breakfast dishes are found inside. You'll enjoy the fruits of his journey with his wife into the world of B&B and the wonderful breakfasts that Braffman shares inside his cookbook. 


Format: Paperback spiral bound, 127 pages 

Copyright: 1990. First edition 

Publisher: Wayne Braffman 

Author: Wayne Braffman 

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Description: You're 35, you've got a degree in economics from an Ivy League school and you're perched on the peak of a 15-year career. The brownstone you and your wife renovated is the talk of the town and you've just been named by a popular magazine as one of the movers and shakers in the state. Well, if you were Wayne Braffman, you'd do what most of us only dream about: quit the job, sell the house, move to the country and open up a bed & breakfast inn. The only hitch was that he didn' know anything about B&Bs and he didn't know how to cook. Undaunted, he charged headlong into a four-year exploration of the innkeeping and culinary wilderness. 

Now a successful B&B host and critically acclaimed breakfast chef, Wayne Braffman has created the Tyler Hill Bed & Breakfast Cookbook. Inside you'll find dozens of great morning recipes, of course, with invaluable explanations of what can go wrong and how to fix it, but that's only the beginning! Prepare yourself for an expose of life in the hen house in "Eggs", the nightmare called "Devilmint Tea", the steamy seduction of "Harold Robbins Sauce", and the Woodstock spirit rekindled in "Sourdough Starter." Hold on to your frying pans, boys and girls, this is not your mother's cookbook! 

If you've ever stayed at a B&B, or thought about starting one, or if you just like going to the country, this book is for you. If you like to cook, or to read about cooking, or if you just like to eat, then this book is for you, too. If none of these things appeal to you, then you really do need this book to discover what you've been missing! 


Condition: Cover, interior pages and spiral are in nice condition. Back cover has a little peeled spot. 

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