Turkish Cooking 1958 Vintage Cookbook

Turkish Cooking 1958 vintage cookbook by Irfan Orga is a delightful book of authentic Turkish recipes. If you are interested in Turkish cooking here is a perfect resource for your kitchen. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 159 pages. 

Copyright: 1958 

Publisher: The Citadel Press 

Author: Irfan Orga 

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Description: The Turkish tradition in food will stand comparison with those of France and China. Its influence is felt all over the Middle East and in the eastern parts of Europe -- which will surprise no one who reads this book. The dishes are delicious, unmistakably evolved by a people to whom eating was and is an important pleasure. Originally a sturdy cuisine with its roots in peasant life, it has been refined through the ages to one of variety and sophistication, without losing its basic goodness. 

Irfan Orga, author of Cooking with Yogurt, has lived for many years in England. He has been guided in his choice of dishes by his knowledge of British taste, but he has not modified the recipes he presents. In such a book, authenticity is of the first interest, and those wise enough to buy it will be able to make their own decisions in the employment of seasoning and so on, concerning which taste naturally varies. 

The instructions are models of concise clarity, and the author's introduction, in which he describes the nature and history of the Turkish cuisine, is one of delightfully infectious enthusiasm which his readers can hardly fail to share. 


Condition: Good condition. Inside cover spread has some discoloration. Small tears in jacket. 

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