The Tucci Table Cookbook by Stanley Tucci

The Tucci Table cookbook by actor Stanley Tucci brings you the best of his household with Italian and British recipes from his family. Ravioli Filled With Egg Yolk, Sausage Rolls, Fish and Chips, and Kay's Tart Tatin are some of the recipes you will find in this popular cookbook. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 232 pages 

Copyright: 2014 

Publisher: Gallery Books 

Author: Stanley Tucci and Felicity Blunt  

ISBN: 9781476738567

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Description: Food and family are nearly inseparable in the Tucci household. A simple plate of pasta with fresh cherry tomatoes and basil, a warming fish stew, spears of al dente asparagus dripping with sharp lemony butter -- these dishes are meant to sustain us, but they also nourish our relationships. The dinner table is where we tell stories, make memories, and share hopes and dreams. Yet we often forget to record the treasured, time- honored recipes that are as natural a part of our family histories as our most beloved photographs and mementos. 

Stanley Tucci preserved the culinary legacies of his childhood in The Tucci Cookbook. Now, he and wife Felicity Blunt pay homage to both his Italian heritage and her British roots as they share the new traditions they are cultivating for their own family. 

The Tucci Table is a celebration of family and friends, filled with the classic recipes that have become staples in the couple's home, such as crispy fish and chips, which remind Felicity of her grandmother; interpretations of their favorite restaurant dishes, such as the rich uova da raviolo discovered on their honeymoon; favorite dishes cooked by family and friends, such as Emily Blunt's hearty chicken noodle soup and Tony Shaloub's stuffed grape leaves as well as the meals that they have created together in their kitchen. 

Peppered with the delightful stories behind these most cherished recipes, The Tucci Table embraces Stanley's profound belief in eating together – and the power of the family meal to forge unbreakable bonds. 


Condition: Good condition. Underside of cookbook has a black marker stripe that shows when the book is shut on the bottom of the book. 

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