A Treasure For My Daughter Jewish Cookbook

A Treasure for My Daughter Jewish cookbook is one of the most sought after of vintage Jewish cookbooks. It shares dishes from the Ethel Epstein Ein Chapter of Hadassah in Montreal. Recipes are covered in chapters sectioned by the Jewish festivals and holidays. Many classic dishes are found inside. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 259 pages 

Copyright: 1969. Second edition., fourth printing 

Publisher: Hawthorn Books, Inc. 

Author: Edited by Bessie W. Batist and members of Ethel Epstein Ein Chapter of Hadassah, WIZO in Montreal 

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Description: An invaluable reference work, A Treasure for My Daughter cookbook belongs in the home of every Jewish woman -- and in the hands of every gourmet cook interested in traditional ethnic recipes. It was written especially to an­swer the questions of young Jewish homemakers who want reliable advice on how to carry out traditional practices -- and how to learn to "cook just like mother." 

The concept of this volume grew out of the editor's many years of work with young women's organizations, during which time she was fre­quently questioned about Jewish practices in the home and in the synagogue. 

In the form of a conversation between a mother and her daughter who is about to be married, the book covers all important aspects about homemaking in a straightforward fashion. The volume does not pretend to carry authority in doctrine but is rather a guide to current practice in the modern Jewish home. 

Many questions are answered about the cur­rent practices in the modern Jewish home. What preparations are required for Passover? Chanukah? Yom Kippur? On what days do they fall next year? What is Chag-Ha-asif? Keren Hayesod? Why two chalahs on Sabbath Eve? Are candles lit on Purim? Simchat Torah? What are the benedictions for the rituals and ceremonies for each occasion? What is the history behind the rituals? What are the tradi­tional menus and recipes pertaining to the various holidays? 

The editors have thought of everything for the homemaker: a detailed outline of Jewish holidays, the preparation for them, the appro­priate menus, the observances in the home and those performed in the synagogue, benedictions for the rituals and ceremonies for each occasion, the history behind the rituals, the preparation for marriage, Bar Mitzvah, circumcision -- even a section for recording important family anni­versaries and birthdays. 

A Treasure for My Daughter is a group effort by members of the Ethel Epstein Ein Chapter of Hadassah--WIZO in Montreal, which was formed in 1947 as a tribute to the memory of the late Mrs. Hyman Ein. 


Condition: Bookboards and interior pages are in good condition. First blank page has an inscription in ink from a mother to her daughter. Dust jacket's top and bottom edge have a small tear. 

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