Trader Vic's Kitchen Kibitzer Cookbook

Vintage 1952 Trader Vic's Kitchen Kibitzer Cookbook is for men and the women who cook for men. Butterfly Steaks Flambe, Pete's Meatballs and Victor Denny Waffles are some of the dishes found inside the cookbook from the famous restaurant owner Victor Bergeron (aka Trader Vic). 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 223 pages. First edition 

Copyright: 1952 

Publisher: Doubleday & Company 

Author: Trader Vic 

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Description: Here's the Cookbook for Men ... "I maintain that it is just as important for a man to know how to cook as it is for a woman. I don't mean that he has to know how to bake a cake -- although it wouldn't hurt him -- but he should know how to roast meat, cook a steak, make a salad, and get a few good meals together." And brother, Trader Vic tells you everything, from how to make Sonofabitch Stew to how to appreciate a bottle of Chateau Lafite-Rothschild. 

And for the Women Who Cook for Men... "Ever since Adam and Eve pinned fig leaves on one another in the Garden of Eden, man has brought home the bacon and his old lady has fried it. It's a lost cause knocking yourself out for some lug with a paralyzed palate, but what a joy to cook for someone who can appreciate subtle seasoning, a different flavor, or an unusual combination of foods." If he brings home a moose or a goose, a sun perch or just an honest-to-God porterhouse, girls, Trader Vic will tell you how to cook it for him right, the way Mother never did! 

And for the Men That Women Cook For... "The average fellow seems to think that food is a woman's department and just goes on poking anything and everything into his gullet. But food is what keeps him going, keeps him fit and gives him energy, keeps him young-looking and happy, and by golly, he ought to know something about it." If the little woman thinks you're a slob because you didn't notice the rosemary she threw into the omelet, just let Trader Vic tell you how to wake up your taste buds. 


Condition: Good vintage condition. Dust jacket has torn corners and edges. Interior pages and boards very good condition. 

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