Toll House Heritage Cookbook: Favorite Dessert Recipes

Toll House Heritage Cookbook - Favorite Dessert Recipes features recipes for favorite sweets you've come to know and love that call for Nestle's chocolate and butterscotch morsels. 


Format: Hardcover with internal spiral, 176 pages 

Copyright: 1980, First Printing

Publisher: Rutledge Books, Inc. 

Author: The Nestle Company 

ISBN: 9780874690293

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Description: The Toll House Heritage Cookbook celebrates the anniversary of something very special. In 1930, America's favorite cookie, the Toll House Cookie was created. This cookbook is an inspired collection of treats and desserts of all kinds and for every occasion -- or for no occasion at all except to satisfy a sweet tooth. Desserts for lunchboxes, and for opulent buffets. Sinfully rich candies. Holiday creations. Cookies kids of all ages dream about. And best of all, most of the recipes are chocolate: Nestle is synonymous with the world's favorite flavor. 

Nestle's Semi-Sweet Real Chocolate Morsels and Milk Chocolate Morsels and the convenient liquid chocolate flavoring Choco-bake, are the heart of most of these luscious recipes. In addition, there are plenty of desserts made with another popular flavor, Nestle's Butterscotch Morsels, and even ultra-rich combinations of the two. 

In our heritage cookbook you'll find old-fashioned favorites you've frequently asked for. There are also some new temptations. 


Condition: Good condition

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