Thousand Recipe Chinese Cookbook

The Thousand Recipe Chinese Cookbook is a comprehensive volume of Chinese recipes. The book touts 150 recipes for chicken alone. Wow. You get the idea. If you are looking for a good resource for this exotic and diverse cuisine, look no further. This is the cookbook for you. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 926 pages 

Copyright: 1966, First Edition.

Publisher: Grosset and Dunlap Publishers 

Author: Gloria Bley Miller 

ISBN: 9780448006741

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Description: The Thousand Recipes Chinese Cookbook is the largest, most comprehensive Chinese recipe book ever published for the Western world. In this prizewinning volume (recipient of the coveted Tastemaker Award), centuries of Chinese culinary lore arc distilled, selected and set forth. And its clear, concise directions will enable you to produce dishes that please the eye, delight the tastebuds and suit your budget. 

This is not one book, but two: a basic handbook to answer your many questions on the who, what, where and how of Chinese cooking; plus a diversified collection of authentic Chinese recipes, well within the scope and skills of the average cook. 

The author provides you with a wealth of information and her excitement with her subject comes through on every page. Mrs. Miller describes the five major regional styles of Chinese cooking. She defines and explains such special cooking techniques as steaming and stir-frying. She tells you what you need to know about cutting, seasonings and sauces, menu-planning, growing your own bean-sprouts. She stresses that cooking methods are more important than ingredients, so that anyone -- with access to a Chinese grocery or not -- can produce authentic and delectable dishes. And when special ingredients are called for, substitutes available in any supermarket are suggested. 

Then the recipes themselves, the thousand recipes that tell you how to cook everything from Egg Drop Soup to Eight Precious Pudding. Now at last, you can prepare real Chinese food at home and serve the fascinating dishes you've sampled in restaurants. There are 150 recipes for chicken alone, plus many variations. Commonplace pork, beef and seafood suddenly become delicacies; while vegetables retain their color and texture. Not only are they all delicious, they're high in nutrition and low in calories as well. 

This is indeed the definitive guide to one of the world's great and versatile cuisines. It is a monumental 926-page book, praised both here and abroad for its clarity, simplicity and completeness. Full of surprises, delights and good sense, it is a cookbook hailed by many as a classic. 


Condition: Jacket has a number of tears along edges and corners. Interior and cloth cover good condition.

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