The Russian Cookbook - Vintage 1967

This vintage 1967 first edition of The Russian Cookbook features recipes from the region and surrounding countries. More than 185 Russian recipes offer you the means to create authentic meals your family and guests are sure not to forget. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 247 pages 

Copyright: 1967, First Edition

Publisher: Atheneum 

Author: Barbara Norman  

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Description: The Russian Cookbook shares recipes from Armenia, Azerbaidzhan, Belorussia, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Turkestan and The Ukraine. The cuisines of Russia are as various as its lands and its peoples. Not all Russians eat borshch, kasha and beef Stroganov; in the Baltic regions there is a strong Scandinavian influence, while in the far eastern states the flavor is distinctly Oriental. Barbara Norman has studied for years the food and cooking of the Soviet Union, taken the best of each region and presented it in the simple but elegant manner that has made cooking from her Spanish Cookbook such a joy.

One hundred eighty-five delicious Russian dishes, from appetizers (Zakusky) through desserts. Serve with your vodka some tiny, delectable Pirozhky, Sturgeon in Aspic or Georgian Cornbread. Choose from Belorussian Borshch or six others, four kinds of Shchi (hot or cold), twelve ways with Shashlik. Go on to Azerbaidzhani Dill Pilaf, Beef Bitky, Caucasian Stuffed Vine Leaves or Chicken Sobko. Sample the sauces and finish off your meal with Vatrushka, Mazurka or Smetanik, with perhaps a bit of Halva afterward. And at Eastertime take a flower pot and make a rich Paskha. (Be sure your Paskha is dry!)

This charming and colorful book will introduce you to the culinary history of all the Russian, guide you in the preparation of authentic Muscovite meals, and show you how the Russians eat—often, long and well!


Born in a Chicago suburb, Barbara Norman was graduated from Stanford University in Russian studies and then worked and lived in Washington, D.C., Munich and Paris. She resigned from the U.S. Embassy in Paris in 1957 after her marriage to concert violinist Paul Makanowitzky, who is of Russian origin. She has since translated several Russian classics into English for publication under her married name while moving between Paris, Spain and New York. She is the author of The Spanish Cookbook (1966), a selection of The Cookbook Guild. 


Condition: Bookboards and interior pages are in very nice condition. Dust jacket has creases and small tears in the top and bottom edge. Top corner of front cover's interior flap has been clipped. 

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